Corporate Agreement

customized taxi service needs,
according to each business.

To become a partner company, you have access to a personalized taxi service, according to the needs of your business.

Payments are planned and set out in the Agreement.

Everyday agility and mobility without having to spend on taxes, fuel, insurance and maintenance.

Calls on demand, customer service with scheduled day and time with availability 24hs a day.

Highly qualified drivers. Automatic transponder telematics system enables instant access to the taxi driver.

Partnerships with taxi companies locate in other states in order to assist on multi transportation, furnishing comfort and safety to passengers/customers of your company.

Electronic Voucher

Electronic Voucher is an efficient and expedited service through Central Service.

Driver's smartphone phase in payment confirmation by a password typed by passenger.

Cloud Computing System Software allows the user to call the taxi via smartphone or web.

Price fares cap for passenger employees are set out in the cost centers in the system.

Online tracking management puts in real-time access to reports and history graphics.

Detailed information about the e-voucher: user name, date, time, origin and destination, value, taxi drive

It eliminates the paper receipts, reimbursements and upfront payments.